Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sunday Funday-Studying with Amrie for CDL permit test tomorrow! pics from weekend visit.

Amrie is helping me study today, and then we are going school shopping at the mall in St. Cloud tomorrow. She has been so helpful, and I am looking forward to taking her shopping(never thought I would say that in this lifetime).

Here are some pics. from our visit to mom and dads.  Amrie was killing it on the skis, tube, and jet skis.  We had a great time!
,Amrie( beautiful daughter),  Diane (lifelong friend)  and I with red velvet cake. Diane makes me one every year for my b-day.  This is the best cake in the world.! 

Amrie had alot of fun on the skis

grandma sally and grandpa steve's beach.  They are great parents and hosts!

Dad's 1987 Mastercraft.  He takes good care of his stuff, unlike me.....