Sunday, February 23, 2014

Great aptitude tests for learning more about your personal strengths: CAREER SEARCH

Yahoo's 5 best career aptitude tests...Give them a try!

I am a big fan of diagnostics, and I have been using these tests to help students figure out their strengths, and I see that it opens many of their minds to the attitude that they do have the SKILLS TO PAY THE BILLS!  The students find a great deal of gratification in having their strengths read aloud, and I encourage everyone to take the test, and read aloud all of  the different ideas for future progression and happiness.

If you can connect with the right career, and find a job that you don't dread, you can avoid the dreaded Sunday night blues.   The good things about career assessments is they give people a choice to figure out what else they can do if their present career or job is making them miserable.
I thing career assessments are a great assett for lifelong learners:interesting Sunday Blues Huffington Post article
Have a happy Sunday!
Wish I was at the beach!  Might have to see what careers I can find at the beach in Florida!

Waiting for Spring

The sun is starting to get stronger, but it is still really cold up in Minnesota. Here is a view of the backyard.  The animals are really moving, and even the birds are showing up at the feeder.  We are all ready for spring, melting snow, and paddle boarding. I hope this polar air shifts, so  we can start seeing more signs of life.  At least we are getting some sunny days, and with the longer days, I fell optimistic about the future in terms of weather, especially after this long winter, one of coldest on record; or so  the weather people say....

Things to do on vacation: Have fun with family


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Firewood and other chores

Cutting wood, and getting fresh air is an important way to take a break from studying.  I also like to spend some time each day working in the woods, as I think a major theme that most study skills information fails to mention is the importance of breaks.  Cutting and selling firewood is my break from academia, and I find it a necessary activity. I also like to keep the kids busy with chores, and firewood was one of my least favorite chores when I was younger.  My daughter equates firewood with our firewood bundle business, which has contributed to her college fund, so she doesn't complain about cutting, stacking, and bundling.  Find some times during your study schedule to take a break and do something you enjoy. It really works!

Here are some free tips, and number 2 is what I am talking about in this post.
10 steps to improving your study skills: Courtesy of Cuesta College

Study Skills Link

Colorado State Study Skills

Great information illustrating essential study skills for college success.  Applying this information can truly help students succeed by providing information that can ease their transition from high school to college. I am taking classes at Colorado State this summer in leadership, and I am a big fan of their study skills information.

Great test prep. information from ISEEK


I find this site very important, and have worked with students to help them improve their scores. I think students could benefit by studying for the SAT tests together, and improve their scores by collaborating with peers.  I would often isolate myself in terms of studying, but as I continue to learn and teach, I find collaboration  and communication can really help improve college admissions test scores. Why not study with one of your peers?   They are in the same situation, and allowing time to study together can only help with retention and transfer of the testing assessment questions.  Have fun with collaborative studying!

Memory and Study Skills

During a class discussion this week, I asked my students to discuss the way they memorize. It was interesting to see them ponder this question, and I think it had caught them by surprise.  One response:  I use repetition to memorize things, and I think my best example is mechanic work.
Another response was flashcards, and one student mentioned turning it into a song.  This was a group of seniors, and I was impressed with their responses, as I often turn to repetition, the write the spelling word over and over until I am bored with writing it approach.  Mom always would say when I was bored with writing it down over and over, I would know it for the test. She was right, and I still work on memorization techniques with all of my students, as memorization is a very important lesson in lifelong learning.
Live and Learn.