Wednesday, August 13, 2014

processing birch slabwood: photos of the wood yard/ firewood facility

This is my favorite pic. of the wood yard. I think I have a crush on it....Ah, Firewood, how I love thee...
Here are some photos of processing the birch slabwood, and the stuff I use to turn the slab into firewood. I also included some pics. of the firewood drying rack 
I made from the leftover cedar decking. Overall, the woodyard is turning out to be a good place, but I need to spend some time spraying the poison ivy again, and putting down some landscape fabric, newspaper, cardboard followed by pea rock, and I will have a nice spot to stack firewood, especially after I remove a few of the dead red pines this fall after freeze up.  
Tacoma with mixed gas, bar oil, Jon's Red CS 2250 saw with 18" bar, numerous skateboards, and the all important ear plugs.
Birch slabwood stacked on cedar decking firewood drying apparatus