Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Pro Fun Tour continues...Bemidji, MN trip yesterday with daughter

We went to Bemidji yesterday, and visited some friends.  A good friend of mine, that I had visited in a long while, was doing well, and I helped him grind some grain for his fall brews.  He has always been a good friend, and I miss the time I spent in Bemidji.

I visited the Bemidji Harmony Coop, and it is a great store.   It is a must stop if you are ever in the area.
Here is a link to Harmony Coop.
They have great food, and a huge selection of products including teas, brewing supplies, and a deli with the best bean dip in the land.
Took my daughter and her friend to Body Matrix, and my daughter received the same piercing as her friend from Bemidji.   It is a really nice shop, and I may go their for my next tattoo, unless I decide to do another DIY tattoo.

Here is a picture of her piercing:

My daughter's friend, and her family, are really awesome, and her friend may be the best tour guide in Bemidji for those among us on the pro fun tour..
She took us to a great Chinese buffet, and it was really good.
We then went paddle boarding, aka rented SUP's at the  OPC rentals in Diamond Point Park.  Thanks to my daughter and her friend for making the day possible. It was a day I won't forget, as it was my first time on a sup in Lake Bemidji!

Here is a photo from Diamond Point Park:
Bemidji also has a great skateboard park: