Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Successful Farming Magazine Contest: Innovation Showcase

I have been a fan of Successful Farming Magazine since I was in middle school.  I always enjoyed reading the articles, and I still am interested in farming innovation.  I entered one of my relatives inventions in their contest, and I am hoping my relatives idea is one they will use in their magazine. The contest results are going to be available on Sept. 1, so I will keep you posted.  In terms of my other writing submissions, I am still submitting and waiting, collecting rejections, and paying dues. The main thing in writing is to keep on writing everyday, and I enjoy blogging, but I have still been working on my novel. I will be posting some short creative works in the next week.
In terms of my nonfiction writing, I am going to keep my fingers crossed concerning the Innovation
Showcase contest at Successful Farming.