Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Preparing First Five Minutes of StandUp Comedy

Links to info:

http://devincomedy.com/5min/  Easy to follow and simple basics of comedy preparation

http://www.creativestandup.com/50-best-stand-up-comedy-tips/  free video signup too!

http://www.creativestandup.com/setlist-remember-performance/ Instructions on creating a set list and other great resources

http://jonaspolsky.tumblr.com/post/15769901634/how-to-do-stand-up-comedy-for-beginners-your Getting ready for 1st open mic.  I really appreciate the parts on how to stand out from other first open mic.(ers)

Forum with good advice on first comedy outing:

Anatomy of a joke and other great advice

Reddit standup discussion with many great pointers and suggestions

Great info. on how to write jokes

Comedy Open Mics: Minnesota

Comedy at Red Carpet St. Cloud

Mike Brody's info on Twin Cities Open Mics.


To add/remove your open mic: email mikebrodycomic@gmail.com with "Open Mic List" as subject.
Also, here is a site with the list of MPLS/STP non-open mic gigs. I do not maintain that site.
Last List Update: 10/14/17

The Monday Night Comedy Show (Weekly)
Showtime: 8pm
Venue: Club Underground at the Spring Street Tavern - NE Minneapolis
Booker: Andy Brynildson
Notes: Booked showcase. Must attend one show prior to booking. Everyone gets on at least once. Message Andy on FB for a spot or talk to him after the show, do not contact club. No cover charge. There is a wild card slot for 5 minutes in the 2nd act. If chosen, you get your $4 back plus a drink ticket. SUMMER DATES: July 10, 24, August 7, 21. Then back to weekly on September 11.
Acme Comedy Company (Weekly)
​Showtime: 8pm
Venue: Acme Comedy Club - Downtown Minneapolis
Notes: 6-7pm sign-up. Put a star by your name if it is your first time up. List comes out at 7:30pm.
Camp Bar Open Mic Night (Weekly except for 1st Monday of the month)
Showtime: 9:30pm
Venue: Camp Bar - St. Paul
Booker: Robert Cudinski
Notes: Sign-up at 9:00pm, stage opens immediately after sign-up. Each performer gets 7 minutes. Performances can be recorded and will be put up on the AQObserver YouTube channel. MC is Robert Cudinski, former host of the Artist's Quarter open mic. "Poets, Musicians, Comics, Magicians, Fools and Sages welcome."

Another Tuesday Open Mic (1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month)
Showtime: 7-8
Venue: Minneapolis Eagles #34
Booker: Gretchen Colleen
Notes: Room is located in the back in the Buechner Room. Sign-up in person at 6:45. 4-5 minutes depending on how many comics show up. Working to build a monthly showcase.
Triple Threat Tuesdays (Weekly)
Showtime: 7:30pm
Venue: Rick Bronson's House of Comedy at the Mall Of America - Bloomington
Booker: Mike Brody
Notes: Pre-booked showcase, typically with a 2-6 week waiting list depending on how many people have signed up ahead of time. Comics get five minutes of time. Email Mike Brody at brody@houseofcomedy.net for spot. Tickets are $4, along with $4 appetizers and select $4 drinks. Also, each week there are three "Wildcard spots" available for people who didn't sign up ahead of time. If you get to the HoC before 7:15 I will put your name on a list and draw three names. Those three people will get the 1st. 2nd and 3rd spot, respectively, after the MC.
Acadia "Fair Fight Open Mic" (Weekly)
Showtime: 9pm
Venue: Acadia Pub
Booker: Zach Kagan, Tommy Bayer and Connor Hangsleben
Notes: Sign-up at 8:30 in person.
VFW Comedy Night (3rd Tuesday of every month)
Showtime: 8:30
Venue: Minneapolis Uptown VFW
Booker: Hessley Rey
​Notes: Pre-booked. Sign up with Hessley on Facebook.

Joke Joint Open Mic (Weekly)
Showtime: 7:30
Booker: Julie Bane & Chad Juettner
Venue: Joke Joint Comedy Club - St. Paul (Lilydale)
Notes: Open Mic starts at 7:30 pm. Sign-up sheet is in the lobby starting at 5:30. Free Workshop from 5:30pm to 7:00pm for new to established comics to perform in front of peers and club owner and to get feedback in a supportive environment. Show up in person to sign up for the workshop and talk to Julie Bane or Chad Juettner. Not everyone is guaranteed to get on the workshop. The workshop has it's own Facebook page.
Sad Comedy Jam (Weekly)
Showtime: 10pm
Venue: Grumpy's Bar and Grill - Downtown Minneapolis
Booker: Chris Maddock
Notes: Sign-up starts at 8pm. Ask for Chris Maddock.

Flat Earth Brewery Open Mic (2nd & 4th Thursday of the month)
Showtime: 7pm
Venue: Flat Earth Brewery
Booker: Brian McDaniel
Notes: Sign up from 6 to 6:30. List posted at 6:45. A drink ticket will be issued to each performer. There will also be a headliner each week who will get extra time.
Baddies (Weekly) (CLOSED FOR AUGUST)
Showtime: 7:30pm
Venue: Baddies Comedy Club
Booker: Brandon Riddley, Pierre Douglas and Bruce Williams
Notes: No cover charge. Show up and go up. Invite a friend or Two help build the audience. 5 minute sets unless told otherwise. If you would like your set recorded send a email to baddiescomedy@gmail.com saying so and we will give you information on that.
Lack Of Beards (Weekly) 
Showtime: 7:30
Venue: Terminal Bar
Booker: Earl Elliot
Notes: Sign up at 7pm.
Sisyphus Brewing Open Mic (Weekly)
Showtime: 8-9pm
Venue: Sisyphus Brewing
Booker: Corey Adam
Notes: Open mic sign up from 6:30-7:30pm with the list posted at 7:45.
Galactic Pizza Open Mic (Weekly)
Showtime: 10pm
Venue: Galactic Pizza - Uptown Minneapolis
Booker: Mike Linden
Notes: Sign-up at 9:30pm. Message Mike Linden before on FB or show up.

Friday Open Mic Night (Weekly)
Showtime: 10:15pm
Venue: The Comedy Corner Underground (Basement of The Corner Bar) - Minneapolis
Booker: Bob Edwards
Notes: Online sign-up (click here) starting noon on Fridays

BALLS Cabaret (Weekly)
Showtime: Midnight-1:30am
Venue: The Southern Theater
Booker: Leslie Ball
Notes: Variety performance show which includes comedy. This is a sober event for the performers and the audience. Preference is that you've seen one show before you perform, but exceptions may be made. Call week ahead at (612) 340-0155 or arrive between 11:30-11:45 day of and fill out card if it's your first time. Performers get 7 minutes stage time. Theater performance venue, so no light and mic is not always available and comics may have to project voice.

Finnish Your Thought Open Mic (Weekly)
Showtime – 7pm
Venue – The Finnish Bistro
Booker – Zach Kagan
Notes – No cover. Sign-up is from 6-6:45pm in person. Showcase is pre-booked. 3 pre-booked paid slots weekly. All other performers will be sign ups. Get there early to take advantage of happy hour specials from 5-7pm.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Eating on the Road Options

Low Sodium V8  (Even better mixed with a beer at the end of the day)
-get your daily veggies

Low sodium bacon-cooked in microwave or before leaving on trip

Hard boiled eggs

Brown or white rice-cooked ahead of time or in microwave

Veggies and dip-  I prefer cauliflower, carrots, celery dipped in ranch or with slices of American cheese

Smokehouse almonds

String cheese for snacking or adding to raw vegetables

Tuna salad and crackers



Cans of pork and beans

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Brainerd, Minnesota Fishing Report: October 20, 2017


A jig and minow is turning walleyes in 15 to 45 feet on Gull Lake. Crappies are being found suspended over 20 to 30 feet on Gull, Cullen Lake, and North Long Lake, while sunfish are biting in 10 to 12 feet at Nisswa Lake, Cullen, and North Long. Look for bass and northern pike on the weedlines of Gull, Lake Edwards, and Whitefish Lake.

S & W Bait & Guide Service/Nisswa Guide League (218) 829-7010

Sunday, September 24, 2017

RV Free Refills of Fresh Water Boondocking

Places where you dump your tanks often have potable water available. If necessary, you can go to a campground or state/local park to dump and/or fill the fresh tank. There will be a fee, of course.

Cabella's stores, Canadian Tire, Fred Meyer's stores, FLying J's and such are RV friendly and have fresh water and dump stations. In some states the Rest Areas will have them too.

And small businesses are often amenable to a simple request to use an outside water tap
. Especially if you just bought something there.

Brainerd Lakes Area Fishing Report: September 27, 2017

from outdoornews.com

Walleyes are being taken with redtails on Gull Lake in 16 to 35 feet, North Long Lake in 22 to 28 feet, and Whitefish Lake in 22 to 30 feet. Minnows also are turning northern pike in the 8- to 12-foot cabbage and sand grass areas on Gull, North Long, and Lake Edwards. You’ll find crappies on the weedlines of North Long, Gull, and Cullen Lake, while sunfish and bass remain active on the shallow weedlines of most lakes.
S & W Bait & Guide Service/Nisswa Guide League (218) 829-7010

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Food Trailer Minnesota Layout and Products

Inline image 2

Material list:
mobile single hand washing sink


table top 3 bay mobile sink new

For Walls 

4 ft. x 8 ft. White .090 FRP Wall Boards

Moisture-resistance allows for application in nearly any room
Designed for minimum care and maintenance
Highly rated for quality and value (see reviews)
$24.97 /each Home Depot

Work Table NSF

Epoxy flooring

Rust-Oleum EpoxyShield
2 gal. Gray 2-Part High-Gloss Epoxy Garage Floor Coating
Write a Review
Questions & Answers (228)Two part epoxy concrete coating provides long lasting results
Waterproofing sealer resists chemicals and hot tires
Use on garages, basements or other interior concrete floors
$99.00 /each

Inline image 1

Monday, September 4, 2017

Writer Jim Harrison | Wine Talk | News

Writer Jim Harrison | Wine Talk | News: The novelist who wrote Legends of the Fall is also a poet, screenwriter and lover of great wine and food. In this Wine Spectator interview, Jim Harrison discusses a lifetime of special bottles shared with Jack Nicholson, Lou Adler, Tom McGuane, Guy de la Valdène, Mario Batali and others.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Brainerd Lakes Area Fishing Report, August 25, 2017

from outdoornews.com


Walleyes are hitting crawlers and chubs on Gull Lake and North Long Lake in 18 to 24 feet. Look for northern pike to hit sucker minnows in 20 to 24 feet on Whitefish Lake and Gull. Bass fishing remains strong on the deep weedlines and shallow cover on most lakes. Sunfish continue to be found in 5 to 7 feet, as are a few crappies in 7 to 12 feet at Lake Margaret, Highway 371 Bay on North Long, Gull, and Nisswa Lake.

S & W Bait & Guide Service/Nisswa Guide League (218) 829-7010