Friday, August 1, 2014

Survival skills/Pro Fun Tour Day with Amrie and Connor!/Hartley Lake Pics.

Beautiful morning on Hartley.  Amrie and I had a good paddle board and kayak trip yesterday.  We stopped on our lake tour to swim on some sandbars.  Since I am now a wannabee guide, her and I took turns doing deep water kayak entries, and timing each other.  For more info. check out the source I found here:  

I find the information on this website useful, and I implement the philosophy that I would rather practice a scenario and never need to use it, than to be stuck along in the wild and have no clue what to do, which is one of the major themes in my life, but I digress....I hate the thought of not knowing what to do in a survival situation, so the kids are stuck with mini lessons throughout the day. I really like learning about outdoor skills, and try to pass this on to my son(4yrs. old) and daughter

  It took this ol boy 12 mississippi's to get back in the kayak, and Amrie watched, and she was able to do the same thing in 8 seconds! I told her it is a great skill, since people are lost every year kayaking in mother Superior: Here is a recent tragic story from Superior.

If you spend time enjoying water sports, please check out the information above, as it could save your life if you ever capsize.....Good thing I took a great day and turned it into a survival experience; but I am serious about this, as I spend quite a bit of time in the big lake.
It was a good trip with Amrie, and she is doing a great job at paddle boarding.  She has really good balance, and my favorite quote from her was..."so this is lake life..."  Connor is home from school today, and he is having a great time with his sister. I am very happy to be with them both on this beautiful day.
All of us seem to be drawn to the water, especially in my family.  Here are some pics. from Hartley:
paddle board in the morning, surfer's heed warning(SUPs quit snagging our waves): )
Beach, Dock, $350 craigslist aluminum boatlift, 1987 alumnacraft, 50 horse mercury
pensively surveying the conditions...all systems go!
Looking east at the rising sun. Hartley Lake, MN