Friday, August 22, 2014

Firewood Hauling Pictures: Some okay scenarios, and some bad scenarios, and a nice cabover and school bus deer stand

A Semi-Truck hauling firewood could not make the turn under the load weight.
Hauls up to 5 cords
Cabover hauling logs,photo from
Farm Show Article and Excerpt:

Sleepless nights often result in interesting creations by FARM SHOW readers like Shade Bland who dreamed up a school bus deer stand one night. It seemed like a simple solution to a friend’s desire to have a stand with room for an Army cot.
  After salvaging two old school buses from a junkyard and putting in about 100 hours of work, Bland completed the stand on a 10-ft. platform made of scrapped gas line pipe, angle iron and a ladder off a grain bin.
  Bland cut off the back end of the bus and kept two windows on each side for shooting. He boxed in the front with a piece of the remaining bus that includes three windows and trimmed over the windows with metal from the bus for molding. The front panel includes an emergency window that opens all the way for access for a smaller person to shoot through.
  Bland painted his stand in camouflage and jokes the trees on the side are so real birds try to land on them.
  His first stand has held up very well after four seasons, and Bland made seven more. He sells them for $5,000.
  “It will last a man’s lifetime – and unless a storm takes it down – his son’s lifetime,” Bland says.