Tuesday, August 19, 2014

BAMMER: (noun) The state beside Jawjuh Use: "A tornader jes went through northern Bammer an' made $100,000,000 in improvements."


My favorite, and by the way, I really like Alabama:

"BAMMER: (noun) The state beside Jawjuh
Use: "A tornader jes went through northern Bammer an' made $100,000,000 in improvements."

They forgot yonto, as in "do you want to?
I was asked when I was down in SC.
"Going fishing?"
My response, "I wasn't planning on it..." to which he replied, 
"Well, yonto?"
Goin fishin....yonto?
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After listenin' to Slidawgs songs you may find some words are not familiar to you. Below is a helpfulRedneck Dictionary to explain these terms and others:

If you have other suggestions you can email them to redneck@slidawg.com

REMEMBER: Responsible Redneckin' Rules:

1. Alcoholic beverages are only for ages 21 and older.
2. Please don't drive any type of moving vehicle after drinking alcohol.

Thousands of lives are tragically taken every year because people think they are able to drive after drinking alcohol. Don't Drink Alcohol and Drive!

ARE: (noun) oxygen.
Use: "Cooter fell off his 4-wheeler, and he cain't breathe ... give 'im some ARE!"

ARTERY: The Study of velvet elvis paintin's.

AST: to inquire
Use: "Darlene ast me to take her muddin', yeehaw!

ATTAIR: a contraction used to point out something.
Use: "Attair 67 Camaro is my dream car."

BACKUP: What you do when Grandma had eggs for breakfest.

BAMMER: (noun) The state beside Jawjuh
Use: "A tornader jes went through northern Bammer an' made $100,000,000 in improvements."

BAR CODE: The fight'n rules down at the Alabama Redneck Starbux tavern.

BARE: An alcoholic beverage.
Use: "Granny gimme another bare."

BARIUM: What you do with your coffee cans full of dollar bills so they won't get stole.

BARD: "to borrow."
Use: "My Granny bard my pickup truck."

BAWL: What water does at 212 degrees Fahrenheit.
Usage: "That gal cain't even bawl water without burnin' it."

BIT: A wager, "I bit you can't spit that watermelon seed across the front porch."

BLEEVE: Expression of faith.
Use: "Ah bleeve we ought to go down to church this Sunday since we got this party planned for Saturday night."

BOBWAR: A sharp, twisted wire.
Use: "we keep our chillen in with the bob war fence.

BYTE: What my pit bull done to cousin Melvin

CHEER: a place.
Use: "Just set your pretty little self down right cheer by me Cousin Darlene."

DAYUM: A cuss word used in the best classic movie "Gone With the Wind."
Use: "Frankly,my dear, I don't give a dayum."

DID: ain't alive.
Use: "The possum's did, Jimbo, you can cook him now."

EVERWHICHWAYS: To be scattered
Use: "You should have seen when grandpa hit attair chicken truck. Them chickens flew everwhichaways.

FAR: a form of heat
Use: "It's cold in the house get more lawgs for the far."

FARN: Not from around here.
Use: "That there boy with them designer jeans on must be from a farn country."

FESTER: Quicker
Use: I'll bet that my sister runs is Fester than you are.

FLARES: The colorful part of a plant.
Use: "If mama's mad at ya, it's smart to pick her some flares."

FUR: distance
Use: "How fur is it to the race track."

GOOD OLE BOY: Any Southern male between age 16 and 60 who has a deer head mounted in his den, likes Nascar, has a huntin' dawg, and a Daisy Duke calendar.
Use: "Rascal Ray's a good ole boy."

GRIYUTS: Southern breakfast grits
Use: "Ah like griyuts and ham with red-eye gravy."

GUBMINT: US president and so forth.
Use: "Them gubmint officials shore is ignert."

HEP: to aid or benefit. "Ah can't hep it if Ah'm still in love with you."

IGNERT: stupid.
Use: "Uncle Elbert jumped off the barn into the pig pen, he sure is ignert!"

JAWJUH: Heaven on Earth, Georgia.
Use: "My whole family is from north Jawjah."

JEAR: a question.
Use: "Jear that Ricky Bobby crashed his Nova, that's a shame?"

JEAT: a question, "Did you eat?"

MUDDERS: large mud tires for your truck to go out in a muddy field and drive around in circles and not get stuck, unless Betty Joe is in the truck with you, then you pretend to be stuck. song - Go Tell It On The Mountain

MUNTS: A calendar division.
Use: "Elmer from Swainsboro, Jawjuh bard one of my shotguns, and I aint herd from him in munts."

NAW, JEW: answer "No did you?"

PBR: "Pabst Blue Ribbon" beer is a staple to the redneck diet "Alabama Redneck Starbux favorite beverage"

RANCH: A tool.
Use: "I left my ranch in the back of that pickup truck."

RETARD: To stop working.
Use: "Granpaw Elrod retard at age 65."

SEED: to have seen.
Use: "I ain't never seed another tattoo that pretty Mama."

SLIDAWG: a term of endearment for a redneck ladies man.

TAR: A rubber wheel.
Use: "I sure like them new mudder tars you got on yer truck."

TARRED: Exhausted.
Use: "Stirring the moonshine makes my arms are tarred."