Friday, December 12, 2014

Van Dwellings: Expediting Fold Down Bed Designs with Pictures

Here are some pictures of vans converted into expediting rigs.

Here is a nice looking Sprinter for sale.  I like the way it has been customized with a folding bed. The folding bed design allows for much more cargo space, and I am guessing this operator could fit up to three skids, which is a common load for expediters.
With all of the RV options, it would be easy to set up a nice Expediting Rig:
interior view of sprinter van
Here is an aftermarket sleeper that looks nice:

Here are some more pictures of the folding bed options for expediters.   With all the new commercial van options, many choices are available from manufacturers along with the Sprinter.
This folding bed design is tied into the wheel well, and it appears to have plenty of storage underneath, and the carpeting and other elements make it look neat and comfortable.