Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Pictures of tropical storm: UFF DA: Hartley Lake, MN

Tropical Storm: "Uff Da", or set down the graphite fishing rod, or 8ft.
SUP paddle,  and get off the lake.

of my pet peeves, over the last few years, is the way meteorologists are starting to name all the storms and blizzards we get in Minnesota. We used to just have blizzards, and say "uff da" alot during the winter walks, but now they even name the storms. I guess the front that passed through yesterday was the leftover from a tropical storm, probably has a name, and I will take part in my pet peeve, and show some pics. of a Tropical StormI named: Uff Da...

The origin of the storm's name, was derived from a word I used to make fun of...but now I use instead of swearing, as illustrated in this Minnesota language micro lesson, "Uff da, I tink this air is pretty tick, and the clouds up nort are gonna break..I tink da lightning yust struck the tower cross da lake..."Uff da".

I took the photos about ten minutes before the lightning strikes last night. It was a good little strong storm, but it wasn't deserving of the name "SISU" or tropical storm "Frederica" or "Medusa" or "Lena", or tropical storm my "My crazy relatives from up nort". It was just a storm, but the sounds from her were amazing.

Lightning struck the cell tower across from the lake, and I went inside and put down my electronic leash when I started to feel some electricity pulsing through da old body, and I started to think....I wonder if cell phones and computers attract lightning strikes?"

I decided to head back inside the house, and set down the lightning rod.

According to google, and the following site, http://smallbusiness.chron.com/wireless-things-ok-use-during-storms-71879.html, " you may use a laptop or tablet inside as long as the device is not plugged into a wall outlet.", so I should have never shut it off. The bold part below says otherwise, and I felt a little static electricity surging through, so I hope the pictures turned out okay...

Quoted from the site linked to above: "Laptops and Tablets
During a storm, you may use a laptop or tablet inside as long as the device is not plugged into a wall outlet. Make sure you save any files you are using before the battery is depleted. Also, stay away from windows and doors while using your laptop or tablet to avoid static electricity damage and lightning strikes. If your office contains multiple windows, power off your laptop or tablet and immediately move to an area without windows."

After last night's storm: "Uff da":  I am putting away the word, and will save it for -40 F, January weather, but broke out the term when lightning struck the cell tower across the lake, because I was trying not swear to in front of my crew.