Thursday, August 14, 2014

Random deer stand pictures: cheap, easy, and some protection from elements...

great use of carpet for insulation and noise control
Smart use of economical slab wood. I buy it from the mill for $40 a ton.
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description is a quote from anonymous/ forestry forum post:

"Its 4x7' , has windows on 3 sides that are hinged and fold down. You cant leave OSB uncovered outdoors as water will make it come apart. It is made with 2x2 for "studs" then 1/4" plywood for the walls inside and out, and covered in roll roofing. Between the sheets of plywood I have fiberglass insulation for warmth if I want to close the windows and turn on some heat, and to cut the sound down. On the inside I stapled old carpet to the walls, more sound deadening and insulation. It is about 12' up in the between 4 trees. It has been up about 6 years now and seems to be holding up OK. I have to run the mice out every fall and put a box of decon to make sure they are gone. Inside I built a 6" platform that raises me up off the floor. I have some coleman folding chairs that sit on the platform. perfect line of site and my feet dont scuff the floor when I move around. the windows are wooden framed and plexiglass. "

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I really like this deerstand made with slabwood. May have to use this idea, but with birch, and try to get the bark to stay.