Sunday, August 17, 2014

Photos of waves on Minnesota's North Shore from this weekend

The wind and cold front produced some small waves on Superior this weekend. I had my board along, and decided to paddle out to practice, and to enjoy the warm Superior water in my 3/2. Most of the time, when waves are happening on Superior, it is really cold, and I wear a 6/5 hooded wetsuit, 8mm booties, and gloves, so paddling in the 3/2 today was a nice treat, and I rode a few small waves in the prone position, but as long as I am in the water having fun, and paddling, it is always exciting to be in the big lake, and I am not much of a is the toughest board sport for me.

Here are some pics. of the waves...I can't wait to see what kind of waves Superior produces this fall, but I have alot of paddling practice to do before I will be ready:

It was fun to paddle in the warm water, but pretty choppy...Connor kept calling it an ocean, and I have to say, anytime I make it to Superior, I am never disappointed by the beauty and gifts of Mother Superior.