Friday, August 22, 2014

Nice Deerstands! Pics. and instructions for building a nice deer stand for hunting this fall!

Firewood:   I cut all that slabwood, and asked the park ranger if I could burn the firewood, due to all the restrictions in MN.  I procured the slip that certified the firewood, got it checked by the ranger, and spent last night around a campfire, cleaning up over 40 agates I found on my evening walk.  I will  post pictures today! With a little adapting, staying in a small, organized space can be comforting, rather than confining.

Deer stands can be made from many free or found materials.  My latest stand builds have been made with free wood shipping pallets.  I find them on craigslist, and have a few local spots I can frequently get them for free.

With a link to instructions on building the stand:
I just like the looks of any circular buildings, including this one: