Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Zappos 10 core values, and the owner's rave scene history as applied to billion dollar companies hiring process

I like their core values, and think these things should be applied to the transportation industry, which is also teetering on the brink of collapse. If a person could start a trucking company with these values, there wouldn't be a driver shortage.

From the following article: httpd://www.fastcompany.com/1657030/happiness-culture-zappos-isnt-company-its-mission, by Steven Rosenbaum:

One theme in my writing is the 90's rave scene: Here is the founder of Zappos speaking to the rave theme:

But what you begin to understand as you pore over his immensely readable book is that Zappos today is rooted in Tony's youthful pleasures and passions. In fact, Tony found a lot of inspiration in the rave scene, throwing massive parties and embracing the music, lights, and smoke that turned many individuals into a communal, and connected gathering. It's kind of hard to think of Tony as a raver, but then again, what does a "raver" look like?
Says Hsieh "It's actually really funny. I've had people come up to me and say oh, I used to go to raves. I would never have guessed that about them. So I don't know what a raver looks like 10 years later in general."
But today Zappos has an employee culture that seems very much of one mind, focused on customer service and not in some sort of cookie-cutter corporate way. Zappos really cares that you're happy, and it's baked into their beliefs, their customer interaction, and even the way they hire.
"When we hire people we do two sets of interviews. The hiring manager and his or her team will do the standard fit within the team, relevant experience, technical ability and so on. But then our HR department does a second set of interviews purely for culture fit."
"We've formalized the definition of our culture into 10 core values. Basically what we're looking for are peoples whose personal values match our corporate values. They're just naturally living the brand. Wherever they are whether they're in the office or off the clock."

The more I read and hear about Zappos mission, the greater respect I have for this company. I heard about it last week, on a Duluth radio station, and thought it would be fun to interview with this company, just to learn more about my cultural connections, and to find a job that intertwines work and happiness...a static abstraction often promised by many employers, but rarely delivered. 
"Part of being an adult is doing things you don't want to do..aka-finding a job that doesn't make you miserable, nuerotic, or both....aka work."  It appears that Tony, the founder of Zappos, has addressed this very questions, and I respect him for walking the walk, even after he has become very, very successful.

The quote above, contains some of the best, and worst advice I have ever received, by a man who was very tired of punching the company clock.   I will keep you posted on my Zappos interview....