Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Humble House Norway, preserving rural Norway, photos by Pasi Aalto of a very innovative tiny house design: tiny house links

Pictures by Pasi Aalto

@Pasi Aalto


Link to article and more photos from Humble Homes on Norwegian cabin above... Preserving Rural Norway
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This house does a great job at being a part of a very beautiful, wild area, and still treads lightly on the land. I am in the process of trying to build a deer stand from left over cedar decking from my deck rebuild this summer. I used some of it to make trapping cubbies, and the rest is going to be used for a deer stand. I will post pictures of the process, but I am going to get some birch slabwood from the mill with my new trailer this morning, and then let the building begin!
Here are some photos of deer stands I am using for my project design, from
DESIGN with Metal:

With Wood, or I am going to use slabwood, siding....

interior photo via