Friday, August 1, 2014

Mayan Culture> Tom Robbin's Quote on taboo

I think living close to the earth, and raising your own food, chickens, and other goods is a taboo in America's consumerist society.

The word Maya may have more meaning than any other word, and yet I don't consider it a static abstraction. Due to the shifting and ever changing nature of language, this old beautiful word has merged and melded into many meanings, each thickly layered in an ancient crust of mindfulness, tranquility, and the infinite. My little brother knows some traditional Mayans, and I try to adapt my life to what he told me about the way he saw this family live in Belize. Gardens, chickens, and trying to learn about and implement sustainable living skills.

I am a slave to the system, but I like the idea of learning from many of the ancient ways of life.

Maya is an illusion...

"Taboos were superstitions with fangs on them, and if not transcended, they

punctured the brain and drained the spirit. A taboo was a crystallized knot

of societal fear and must be unraveled, cut through, or smashed if a people

were to set themselves free."* Tom Robbins