Sunday, August 17, 2014

Camping in Duluth, MN this weekend

We stayed in Duluth at Indian Point Campground, and we were rather lucky to get a site, since I called on Friday night, looking for a spot on Saturday.   Duluth can get very busy during the summer, and the North Shore state park campgrounds fill up fast, especially on the weekends.   Indian Creek is in the Duluth's West End, and the backwaters of Lake Superior form St. Louis Bay.  Our site was $33 for the night, and the campground restrooms were clean.   The campground was conveniently close to the Duluth Zoo, which is a bargain, but only open until 5 pm, and the zoo is awesome, but still recovering from a severe flood that hit the area, two springs ago.  I highly recommend visiting the zoo, and the campground was in an older area of Duluth, and the roads, which are tarred are very rough and full of potholes, and the area was interesting, because you would see gangster wannabees chillin' on the stoop, and a very diverse group of resturants, business, and a lot of new buildings and businesses mixed in with the old buildings, and classic working class bars.  Overall, I really enjoyed the location of our campground to Canal Park, which is a great place to walk and check out the waves and ships entering Duluth Harbor, or you can always check the webcam at, and if you get to Duluth, the Lake Superior Maritime Museum, located in Canal Park(visit Duluth Canal Park info., is worth a visit, along with the rest of Canal Park.

Here are some photos of the waves and our walk along the beach out on Park Point (link to more info. on the beaches) which is a large sandbar, across the aerial lift bridge from Canal Park. I was happy to find waves and brought along my 8 ft. Greco Foam Board, so I was hoping the wind would bring some decent, and rare, August waves to the big lake, but after checking the waves at park point, we decided to head up the north shore, and then we went to one of my favorite places to eat in the world: Duluth Grill, which was recommended to me by my friend from Brainerd, Thurman.  The meal and foodie paradise, Duluth Grill, deserves its own post, so I will save that information for a future post.  Thanks for checking out my pics. and write any questions you have about visiting the area under comments, or email me at
Conner and I watching the waves, the harbor entrance and Duluth are in the distance.
Some kiteboarders were getting fast rides in the wind, which was whipping up some lake waves. Good beach for collecting or throwing rocks, too.
Here are a few more photos of Duluth from Park Point.