Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hotshot Truck DOT Compliant Sleeper Berth pictures

I found a picture of some really cool sleeper berths that are DOT compliant and can be used for one ton or bigger trucks. The company lists them as affordable, but they may be an opinion.  Here is a photo of this company's sleeper option, and some other pictures of hot shot sleeper options.

Check the company website for more information:

Here are some other pictures of hot shot trucking sleeper designs:
 This is an interior view of a sleeper in a one ton hot shot truck.
 I like the design of this truck sleeper combination, as the attention to detail and the matching paint makes it look professional and very nice.
Image result for dodge hotshot stand up sleeper
I would like to know more about his truck, as the size of the sleeper would make it a great choice for longer trips pulling hot shot loads.   I have always liked the looks of cabover trucks, and this one would provide maneuverability and comfort!

This is a picture of a Cowtown sleeper on a Chevy K3500 hotshot rig and another one of the exterior below:

Check out more sleeper options for hotshots with pictures after the jump:

E450 Ford Toyhauler with sleeper from Peterbilt:
Image result for ford toy hauler with sleeper

Dodge with a stand up condo sleeper. This looks like a nice auto expeditor:
Image result for dodge hotshot stand up sleeper