Thursday, April 24, 2014

U.S. student comparison-remedy

Global Grade: How do U.S. students compare?

The Remedy:

What makes Finland so hot?

Finland's stellar performance has drawn the attention of education and government officials around the world. These experts have uncovered many attributes of the Finnish educational system that are distinctive and contribute to the success of Finnish students. Some of these features are:
  • The Finnish school system uses the same curriculum for all students (which may be one reason why Finnish scores varied so little from school to school).
  • Students have light homework loads.
  • Finnish schools do not have classes for gifted students.
  • Finland uses very little standardized testing.
  • Children do not start school until age 7.
  • Finland has a comprehensive preschool program that emphasizes "self-reflection" and socializing, not academics.

Great article with useful information on Finnish Educational success!

What makes Finnish Kids So Smart?

The success of their educational system lies in its simplicity.

Bradley Tutoring: Journals on study skills, teaching, learning, attitude, and travels.: Finland is one of the world leaders in education, ...

Bradley Tutoring: Journals on study skills, teaching, learning, attitude, and travels.: Finland is one of the world leaders in education, ...: The Finnish Miracle- source: I enjoy the simplicity in Finnish Culture.

Finland is one of the world leaders in education, and after reading this article, the fix for US schools, the magic pill, is learning from Finland.

The Finnish Miracle-source:

I enjoy the simplicity in Finnish Culture,and I incorporate this into my teaching and tutoring pedagogical practices.  I wish my kids could go to school in Finland. I have been teaching in  public schools(College, Community College, High School, etc.) of all types for the last 12 years, and have repeatedly witnesses a sad but steady decline due to the elements listed in the article below. Our US educational system's failure to progress, or to research, learn and apply the practices of successful educational systems like Finland, is one of the many reasons our current educational system is failing, along with all the politics, bureaucracy, and just plain disrespect of professional educators (pay, teaching responsibilities, administrators enabling students to disregard instructor's rules concerning respect, student cell phones usage,etc.)
  My concern with the results of the stress, competition, socioeconomic status, and other dividing factors that are such a huge part of US schools, lies in the people it affects the most: the students.  The students attending schools in our country that are not meeting the educational needs of progressive students in a very, very, fast moving, progressive, technologically fueled  egotistical, and ever-changing place known as america . I don't want to mislead others that I am a total cynic, but one thing I see in the great schools in our country is progression , and the modeling and teaching of adaptability. Educational progression is responsible for the

Monday, April 21, 2014

FREE Accuplacer testing assistance, test anxiety help, and the effectiveness of Active Reading Strategies

I can speak from experience, when I state that the following links can be extremely helpful in terms of academic success:


I learned about active vs. passive reading after failing out of the college the first time, and I wish I would have learned about this way sooner, as I still use these strategies, and will continue to use them in my pursuit of being a lifelong learner.
Active reading is helpful for studying during all seasons...especially Spring(in Minnesota).

Surf superior trip planned and I will be going to Stoney.