Monday, August 4, 2014

Painted Bunting: pictures courtesy of my Aunt Polly/ Why I love Birding and Ornithology!

My Aunt Polly is an avid photographer and birder.  Here are some of her recent pics. Thanks Aunty!

And here is a pic. of a variety of birds chillin' at the same feeder:
I don't know my birds very well, but if I know one thing, it is that birder's get all the girls. Next time you are out birding, check out this social phenomena.  As a younger man, all I had to do was say "ruby throated warbler", evening grosbeak, or some other bird name near a potential girl I was courting at the time, and the deal was done. Being a good birder is a deal breaker, but once they caught on that I was full of shit, and kept using the same name for all the birds, despite their glaring physical differences, my ship was sunk.  Keep your ears and binoculars open, cause birding has many positive aspects!