Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sauna Times: Finnish Sauna Sayings and Language of the Sauna/Picture of sauna in MN and Finland. but not Finland, MN

Finnish sauna on shore of Lake Superior, Minnesota

sauna by lake in Finland

Finnish sauna sayings:
  • In the sauna one must conduct himself as one would in church 
  • The sauna is a poor man’s pharmacy 
  • If a sick person is not cured by tar, spirits [alcohol] or sauna, then they will die 
  • A woman looks her most beautiful after the sauna 
  • All men are created equal; but nowhere more so than in a sauna 
  • A house without a sauna is not a home 
  • A sauna without a birch whisk is like food without salt 
Language of the sauna
  • kiuas - sauna stove 
  • kiuaskivet - stones in/on the sauna stove 
  • loyly - steam, heat, humidity and temperature created by throwing water on hot stones 
  • kiulu - water bucket, usually made of wood 
  • loylykauha - ladle for throwing water on the stove 
  • vihta/vasta - whisk made of fresh birch branches for beating the body to aid circulation. 
  • laude - elevated platform to sit on 
  • laudeliina - special towel or disposable paper for sitting on 
  • lakeinen - opening in the ceiling of a smoke sauna where the smoke escapes during heating 
  • saunatonttu - sauna elf who, if you behave badly in the sauna, will become angry and burn it down 

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