Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Prescouting my driving trap line- 15 miles each way> Agate finds and pics.

I drove out into the Pillsbury State Forest area last night, and took the mileage of my auto trapline for the upcoming trapping season.  It is an all water line, and it follows numerous rivers, creeks, and small ponds and lakes out in the Pillsbury. I make all my sets, as water sets, as  I am not comfortable land trapping unless it is using dogproof traps, or Very selective trapping methods. I am lucky to live in this area, as I have over 100 different bodies of water to set on my fifteen mile auto line.
I also run some walking and kayaking/canoeing lines until freeze up, and then I use my snowmobile, or more often my cross country skis, to run my small frozen water and land line.  I always trap the five day fisher season, which is usually the end of November after deer hunting, but all my fisher sets are up in the trees, or in very selective coni-boxes, as I won't set a trap, even 20 miles out in the woods, unless it is totally safe and unaccessible to my dogs, which I love as much as trapping.
While walking part of my line last night, I came up on a washed out road, which is rare in the woods, but we had a great deal of precipitation during June and July this year, and I had a couple of stellar agate finds. Here are some clip, as the one agate is the biggest I have found to date, and I plan to bring it up north and let my mentor/friend/person who really got me into rock collecting, AKA Sara Lucken, take a long at some of my finds.  She has the coolest rock collection and shop!  She is the individual that allowed me to come over and see her collection, I also bought some gems from her to give as gifts, and her love of rocks is contagious. I caught the rock collecting bug from her, but I also grew up with her daughter, as we went to high  school together, and their whole family is amazing.
Well, here are the pics. of my agate finds from last night:
still have some cleaning to do, but she is a large agate
two agates next to my juice packet