Sunday, August 3, 2014

Hartley Lake/ few pics from the sunset last night, and sunrise this morning

Here are the photos from last night. My daughter and I went down onto the dock to watch the sunset, and unspoken tradition we have developed in our last few days together.  Here is a photo of her:

And here are some pics. from this morning.  I awoke at 5:30, cleaned the chicken waterers, and checked on their new pen arrangements.  They are getting ready to start laying eggs, so I am trying to keep them in their chicken tractor/mansion, which is proving to be quite difficult.  They just want to perch up on the top of my sauna building, and I need them in the coop.
sleepy eyes, elvis, and mother superior up on my sauna roof!

Last night, it was Amrie and I against the three hens, and they won, but we got a good workout from chasing them.  I built some new perches in their pen, and lined their nesting boxes with straw, adding 3 golf balls because my dad collects them and I could never shoot all of the balls in this life, but anyway, I am trying to use the visual stimuli of the golf balls to hypnotize the chickens into laying, or just do whatever it takes to get these yardbirds producing some eggs for the family.  Gotta make it through the winter, you know?

Here is a pic. of this morning's first light:
Hartley Lake, looking east from the dock
1987 Alumnacraft w/50 Mercury and the tube the kids use
Hartley Lake, Brainerd, MN