Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Various Camper Bike Pictures

Camper Bikes!

I appreciate this design, but I feel like this would be way too much of a workout to pedal after my family and I fill it with all of our camping gear.  Plus, it would be way too big of a bummer if we encounter foul weather like rain or hail en route.

This design takes ergonomics into consideration with the built in back rest, but the rider's posture is just all wrong.

This is a nice option for one person, but could cause problems if you have a large family.  If coupled with a tent, it would still be tricky to use for a family.  Good to see the flat screen, but its placement could cause some serious neck strain.

 In all seriousness, bike campers could be a great option for homeless people or people on a fixed income.  They are  a great option for helping homeless people so they can have a place to call home.

Pictures of other Happy Campers (bicyclists)