Friday, December 25, 2015

How Top Freight Brokers Make Great First Impressions: Video

This is a longer video by Ted Keyes in which he discusses way to make a great first impression as
a freight broker. The presentation is named: "Connecting with New Customers and Making a Great First Impression."

Here is more info. from his site:

Ted Keyes is dedicated to mentoring freight agents who have not yet achieved their potential. As an active and successful freight agent, Ted’s proven freight agent training and sales system provide a roadmap for what’s working today to grow a profitable freight sales agent business!

More about Ted:
-Athlete and entrepreneur from the last 30 years
-Raised on a Wisconsin farm in a family of 13 kids
-Built a host of successful businesses across the US and Canada

And now, after rising to the top of the leader board at Logistics Dynamics Inc, Ted is revealing his success secrets to a handful of
struggling freight agents.

His coaching, mentoring and training program, along with his proven success system, has helped other freight brokers develop profitable businesses.