Thursday, December 10, 2015

Apprenticeships in Minnesota

I think apprenticeships are a great option for students or other individuals wanting to find a good paying, in demand job. Apprentices are paid and receive training and usually don't have to incur the usual costs associated with post secondary education. Check out the article below on the transition of Minnesota's workforce, and the importance of apprenticeship programs:Click to read the entire article

By Ken Peterson
Guest Columnist

Minnesota’s workforce is experiencing tremendous transition. Thousands of our experienced baby boomers are retiring, while many employers are seeking a workforce capable of meeting increased levels of skill to operate new technologies with precision.

An emerging, yet familiar, pathway for some employers to successfully bridge that gap is registered apprenticeship programs.

Registered apprenticeship programs have been referred to as “the other four-year degree” in Minnesota since they began in 1939. Through apprenticeship, Minnesotans have built careers — without debt — by combining paid on-the-job training with focused classroom education. Both at the workplace and in class, training is customized to meet employers’ needs.