Friday, December 25, 2015

Cold Calling Shippers - Easier Than You Think!: Freight Broker Training

Scott from Transportation Training Group offers ways to handle direct contact with customers. He talks about the realities associated with rejection in terms of cold calling, and the amount of calls it takes to get through. 

Some of the tips he shares:

Stay calm and don't sound like a robot.

Speak to the people like they are your neighbor or a good friend. 

Get on a first name basis with them, and stay relaxed.

Here is more info. from the site:

 Building and effective “Shipper Base” is essential as a freight broker. We teach you all of the techniques for acquiring shippers who will provide you freight opportunities. We also show you how to deal with problematic customers.

We will teach you how to talk to them, the questions to ask and how to negotiate freight rates with them. You can have a “Book of Business” in no time whatsoever