Monday, December 14, 2015

Pictures of Ice House Truck Sleeper

With the unusually mild fall and winter this year in Minnesota, we are off to a late start for ice fishing.  It is no surprise that many of my friends are anxious to get started on the hard water ice fishing season.   I have built quite a few permanent or framed ice houses in the past, and found that without a trailer chassis they are too much of a bother to take on and off the ice.  They also are prone to freezing on the ice, and most friends only show up when it is on the ice, and disappear in the spring when it is time to take it back off the ice!

Here are some ingenious truck sleeper ice house designs.  

The person selling this house has added some really cool creature comforts.  They left the vents on the truck sleeper, and also have some windows to let in sun light.  The door looks like it is well built and my favorite option is the small wood stove.   I am not sure if the trailer chassis is home built or purchase, but it appears to be a perfect fit for the house. 

Interior pictures of the house.   I like the small wood stove.

Entertainment and a Peterbilt sticker

It appears to be for sale! More info. on this ice house can be found here: