Friday, December 25, 2015

Cold Calling Techniques: How to Get Past Gatekeepers

This video goes over one of the most challenging aspects of brokering freight. It is presented by Caesar Rodriguez, and the information is good for anyone interested in sales and cold calling techniques.
In terms of freight brokering, this is also a very handy and informative video.

Here are some tactics I used to get passed the gatekeeper:

Keep it casual and say, "This is (your first name), can I speak to Charles (Shipping Manager)?

Usual Response:  "We don't have a shipping manager... What is this call regarding?"

"Well, I was hoping to talk to the person in charge of shipping.  Would there be a better time to call back?"

Gatekeeper: "The person in charge of shipping is Tony.   He comes in early in the morning." 

"Okay, thank you I will try back in the morning."

I don't have a great deal of tactics, but I learned a lot from the video above, and from trial and error.