Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Slabwood slab wood cabins

Here are a few pictures of different slabwood construction methods. I find the ingenuity of these builders to be very inspiring and wish I could build a small slabwood and log cabin of my own. We have a dead pine in the driveway that needs to be removed. Once I cut her down it will be essential to cut her to length and crib the logs so they can dry in the sun.   Once they are dry, I plan to use them as a framework for a timber framed cabin, and I will use birch and oak slab wood for the siding.  Should be a nice little deer hunting shack.  Here are a few slabwood cabins I like:
This is a photo of a six sided cabin built by a hippy on some land out in New York.

This looks like the ultimate cheapskate cabin and I really like the way it is pieced together. This is a person I could learn from as they used all the available resources and made a kickass cabin. This is a cool looking spot to chill out in the woods. It reminds me of some of the deer hunting shanties I see up in Northern Minnesota and this kind of cabin is next on my summer build list. It looks pretty damn cozy!