Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Manitou Cliff Dwelling Pictures: Colorado Springs, Colorado: Tiny Cliff Houses

Here is a picture I took of the porch.  I was impressed with this place, but found out later that it was moved here from its original location.

One of the highlights of the tourist traps in Colorado Springs would have to be the Manitou Cliff Dwellings. These ancient dwellings are over 700 years old and were moved to this place in 1907. The dwellings are authentic and were moved to this place from SW Colorado so they could be preserved.
 It is a small place with even smaller doors. I commented that the Anasazi must have been a tiny based upon their door openings.  The cool thing about visiting this place right after a large snow storm is being able to escape the crowds.  We were the only people visiting the place and got a chance to explore the dwellings without having to deal with any other people. The workers at the park were busy clearing the ice from the sidewalks, but the sun was doing a good job on its own.  The workers kept warning us to be careful on the ice, but little did they know we are from Minnesota, and dealing with ice is a reality at least six months out of the year. It was easy to see that the cold and snow are pretty rare in this part of Colorado.  Here is a picture of some of the details I found interesting while visiting the cliff houses.

Check out the homemade window bars made from tree branches
Here is a picture of the kiva