Monday, March 16, 2015

Las Vegas: this morning

6 am on the strip and I am walking to Walgreens to get one last pack of cheap smokes before going to the airport. There was a bunch of drunk dudes in front of me. They walked up to a tourist guy from Ohio (guessing), who was stopped and taking a picture of the Linq's Ferris Wheel with his ipad. Drunk dude says to tourist guy that was taking the pictures and says:
"Man, that the biggest phone I ever seen...where you get a phone that big?"

Sober tourist with black socks and sandals replies:
"Ummm.....It's an ipad."

Drunk dude bursts out laughing and is like...
"I was wondering where the H%&@ you got a phone that big... How you going to keep that thing in your pocket?"(laughing hysterically)

It was a fun morning walk to get some smokes.