Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Pikes Peak, Colorado Springs, Colorado pictures

I visited Colorado a few weeks ago and wanted to add some more pictures from the trip. The drive up to Pike's Peak was fun and a little bit nerve racking. As a lowlander from Brainerd, Minnesota, I still get sweaty palms when dealing with heights.  But I will admit that I am much more comfortable dealing with heights associated with natural structures when compared to dealing with tall buildings or other human made structures.

Here is a picture of me standing by the Sasquatch crossing sign on the road up Pike's Peak:

I guess this is the most snow this area of Colorado has seen for quite a while.  It was the fourth snowiest season on record for this part of the state.  I noticed that the temperatures were quite mild when compared to the below zero bitter cold we experience in Minnesota. I could get used to living in a milder climate as the snow wasn't such a big deal when the temperatures were so mild.

I was hoping to do some hiking during the drive up to Pike's Peak, but with the recent snowfall most of the trails were closed.  The coupons on the site worked and helped with the cost, which was eight dollars per adult.