Thursday, March 19, 2015

Pictures from Arizona: Desert Bar Solar Powered Oasis

The Desert Bar
Took a four wheeler trip from Parker out to the Desert Bar.  It is also known as the Nellie E Bar and is open on the weekends.

The name "Nellie E" originates from the old mining claim.
They used to mine copper and then take it to the smelter and get gold.

Dad and I with a picture of the trail we took out to Desert Bar in the background.

 We journeyed out there on a well traveled but challenging off road trail.  It was interesting to see all of the vehicles taking this route, as it was tough going due to all the large rocks and challenging ascents.  Here are some more pictures from the trip out to Desert Bar.

Colorado River viewed from off road trail to Desert Bar

The Desert Bar

This is a picture taken while standing on the third story of the bar.  It is only a little after noon and already very busy.

Cage over Mineshaft

The area is filled with old mines and even some that are still operating.
Here is a shot looking down into the mine:
"Don't drop the camera"