Friday, March 20, 2015

Expedite Van Sleeper Pictures

I recently found some really interesting DIY sleeper builds for cargo vans.  In Arizona, I saw quite a few people living in their cargo vans. With easy access to BLM land, and many innovative off grid practices, the Southwest is the ultimate climate for living in a small RV or van during the winter.
The follow pictures of cargo van sleepers can be used for full or part time recreational vehicle enthusiasts, or for full or part time expediters.

Here are a few pictures to give you some ideas when constructing your own sleeping quarters:
I really like the way this builder constructed this sleeper in his E350 Unicell Ford. This vehicle design allows for more headroom and a much more spacious interior living and cargo space.
Photo via Rev's Ride
Ford E350 Unicell Sleeper DIY build via Rev's Ride at Expediters Online Forum

E350 Unicell Cargo area with E-track, flooring, and insulated partition
Bunk built up above with storage area underneath

Here is a view of a Sprinter Sleeper with no partition. 

 And another view of a Sprinter Sleeper