Tuesday, February 23, 2016

One Man Logging Operations Links: A Lone Wolf in the Woods

TimberWest Magazine November/December 2014 -A Lone Wolf in the Woods
Despite the large scale mechanization of logging, some individuals are still
working solo in the woods.  I have included some articles on men that log alone and keep their costs low so they don't have to be making payments on the million dollar equipment that has become the norm with most logging companies.
In Minnesota, the economic crash made many logging outfits fold and close their doors for good. There is still plenty of logging going on in this state, but it is so large scale that it is almost impossible to start a logging outfit without having some deep pockets.
I have included these links to show that it still may be possible to log without huge overhead, but as for how much profits will be involved, I have no idea.
Enjoy the articles: