Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Nebraska Greenhouse Growing Citrus with Geothermal and Minnesota Greenhouse Grower

Russ Finch holds up half of a Cara Cara orange grown in his geothermal greenhouse in Alliance, Neb.
Photo from NPR
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Walpini Underground Greenhouse

From the website:
  We have created a climate that is frost free that many plants thrive in by tapping the unlimited earth temperature of 52° at the 8' depth. Our only energy used for heat is a 10" wheel blower that circulates air through 7  6" tubes that have a total length of 1050'. This is a closed very air tight unit and the same air is circulated continually.  During the winter we use very little water as there is no humidity lost through evaporation.  Russ Finch

Barry's Cherries in Staples, Minnesota
Cherry tomatoes grow on a large trellis in one of Barry’s Cherries high tunnels. They are planted in the visible white bags hung from the frame and are watered one minute per hour during the day and one minute per three hours during the night. Any excess water flows to the green peppers below.

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