Thursday, February 11, 2016

GMC Cabover Astro Trucking Stories and Pictures

My friend's father, Art used to drive a truck like the GMC Astro pictured above.  He told me a great story about hauling a load of Redwood picnic tables from Winnipeg, Manitoba down to Chicago, IL.  He said when they were taking the tables off the flatbed with the forklift, the forklift driver dropped one of the tables, and said they couldn't take it, and would have to just throw it away, so Art, not wanting to deadhead back, said he would take it, and it still was out sitting in his yard to this day.   He gave up the trucking lifestyle years ago, but Art still had plenty of stories to share about his life out on the road in a cabover Astro.

Here are some more pictures of GMC Astros:

1980 GMC astro