Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Comic Genius David Chappelle finds a Way to Tame Electronic Leashes...I phones
From the article:
The revered funnyman has entered into a deal with Yondr to use the company's smartphone-locking pouches to ensure none of his material is leaked to the web.
Poll any group of Hollywood comedians and you'll hear the recurring gripes about smartphones and their dreaded byproduct, smartphone video: The glowing devices distract during performances; their well-honed material plummets in street value once posted to YouTube; and, in the case of more provocative comics, it renders them the target of an angry Twitter mob.
Now, Dave Chappelle is taking matters into his own hands: The revered funnyman has entered into a deal with San Francisco-based Yondr to use that company's smartphone-locking pouches at a series of live shows this week in Chicago.' Check out Dave Chappelle's Show Complete Seasons at