Monday, April 20, 2015

How to Write a Mystery Novel Link and Iron Lake by William Kent Krueger Symbols

I found this Link to Random House, "How to Write A Mystery Novel", and found it to be quite an interesting formula.  I just finished reading "Iron Lake" by William Kent Krueger and was very impressed with the format of the mystery novel.  I was also impressed by the setting. WK Krueger is a Oregon native but has been living in St. Paul for many years.  He has definitely done his research concerning Minnesota and how to incorporate symbols from the state into his writing.  "Iron Lake" is his first novel in the Cork O'Connor series and it is filled with many elements that will appeal to readers interested in learning about Minnesota. He write about many Ojibwe beliefs and does a great job at creating diverse American Indian characters.

He begins the novel with a mystery but also gives readers some background concerning the main character Cork.  Cork grew up with a very wise American Indian elder to guide him in the ways of the woods. This character also teaches him about the mysteries associated with the Minnesota forest, and the windigo element that continues throughout this novel.

Other Ojibwe American Indian symbols found in this book:
Sweat lodge, Sauna, genocide, gambling, buffalo, casino, hunting, courage, bravery

Witch Tree
Medicine Man-Midewiwin
Check out this introduction to Ojibway Culture and History page for more information.