Friday, April 17, 2015

King of Obsolete: Screaming Ford 1974

The 1974 Ford

Chainsaws, salvage metal, and all things old and worn out but still useful.  Check out the King of Obsolete's webpage on his Detroit Diesel in the Old Ford Truck:

Visit the link above to read his descriptions and see more about what he does to haul supplies in the far northern reaches of Manitoba, up near Lynn Lake.

This is a couple of pictures of his Ford Truck.  I still see quite a few up here in Minnesota, but don't see many on the highways anymore pulling freight.  Most of them are used as local construction or tree service rigs. I am interested in the old Fords because my father and grandpa used to have a Ford dealership and I remember them hauling tractors and other equipment with some of the old Ford semi trucks.