Thursday, April 30, 2015

Dodge One Ton Hauling a Flatbed with a Sleeper

I have been seeing more one ton trucks hauling campers and flatbed up in this part of northern Minnesota. Last week, I was going into town and saw a really nice white, late model Dodge one ton with a factory made sleeper.

After doing some online research, I found a company called AA Truck Sleepers.

Here is some information about the company from their website:

About Us

We start with a great idea and tons of enthusiasm.

With over 34 years in the business we know the ins and outs truck sleepers. We believe in great design, durability, and usability. Coupled with our amazing fabricators and high quality materials, AA Truck Sleeper LLC always delivers.

AA Truck Sleeper, LLC provides complete design, build, and installation services for truck sleepers, crew cabs, and specialty products in sizes ranging from 32″ long “coffin” sleepers to fully-furnished Super Sleepers in lengths up to 156″ and beyond. We have outfitted trucks of almost every make and model.

Along with new product design and installation, we offer interior remodeling on existing truck sleepers whether factory or after-market regardless of manufacturer. We also perform interior remodeling for RV’s and stock trailer living quarters.

AA Truck Sleeper, LLC offers complete repair services for all sleepers whether factory or after-market. We are an authorized Norcold repair center and have certified air conditioning technicians on staff to service both engine driven A/C systems and APU’s.

Check out this video for more information on Hot Shot Trucking: