Friday, December 19, 2014

Expedite sleeper options and pictures

Finding the right sleeper options and customizing your expediting rig are important first steps for individuals interested in making money in the expediting business.  Hauling freight and minimizing dead head miles can make or break new expediters right out of the gate.  I found a picture of a custom Sprinter at and was impressed by the build.  Here is the picture via :
Sprinter with fold down bunks and plenty of storage while still allowing for plenty of freight space.

Here are some other custom options to make your expedite rig a comfortable home away from home.
This is a picture of really cool design of a sleeper built for a cargo van. I found the picture in the following informative post at Expediter's Online:

Another DIY option would be to build a loft out of PVC. I found the picture and some very informative plans on and plans for many other PVC DIY projects at