Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Seven Myths of Being a Travel Writer with links to Tim Leffel's Cheapest Destination Blog

The Seven Myths of Being a Travel Writer
by Tim Leffel
I found and read this great article on the realities of being a travel writer.  I am also wary of any programs or online services promising something that seems to good to be true. Travel writing is a difficult field to break into and the apprenticeship period must be pretty long. I think it would be fun to partake in travel writing for the right personality type.  I enjoy traveling alone to new locations but the novelty would wear off after awhile, especially for individuals with little to no passion for travel.

Here are some links to other excellent travel writing sites:

For more information on Tim Leffel, check out his latest website called Travel 2.0. The website focuses on travel writing in the new media landscape.
Tim also has a very interesting blog for money conscious travelers: This blog is filled with resources for economical travel and I found myself immersed in the great links and content.

Check out these other travel writing sites:
Ralf Potts Travel Writing and Vagabonding (excellent site with interviews, essays, and a plethora of information for emerging and established travel writers.)

Tim Cahill Interview at Ralf Potts website (I first read Cahill's brilliant travel writing in an anthology of the years best Travel Writers, but he is also well know for his travel articles for Outside Magazine.) He recently suffered a serious injury in the Grand Canyon. Read the full article here:Tim-Cahill-Heart-Stopping-Adventure.html
For more information, follow the link above, or check out the caption below to see some of the job hazards associated with travel writing.
Tim Cahill suffered a cardiac arrest after falling off his raft at the top of Lava Falls, in the Grand Canyon. Photo: John Fowler/Flickr