Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Minnesota Ice Fishing

The ice fishing houses on Minnesota lakes are a common sight for natives to the state, but visitors are often confused by the small shacks on the ice. I explain it to outsiders slowly, and watch their eyes light up.

"First, we stop by the bait shop, get a box of beer and a bag of minnows, and head out to the ice house, crank up the stove, crack a few beers, and visit while waiting for some winter fun and organic, cage free, cold water crappies.

Their eyes light up in disbelief at the thought of driving on ice covered lakes and hauling 3,000 pound man caves onto the frozen expanses.
I have taken many an out-of-stater on first time ice-fishing excursions, and they all leave with the same general themes of cold, cold beer, fish and fun.

I can't wait to head out to Lake Minnetonka to catch some fish  while viewing the Minneapolis skyline. Say what you want about Minnesota and its long winters, but I have caught my limit of crappies in the metro area(with my friend Mitch serving as guide) while we watched the skyline of the city outside the deer blind's shoot through window, while trying to keep up with four, fish-sunken yellow slip bobbers disappearing in our small portable house (clearance deer blind from Cabela's). It's times like these that make me appreciate getting a chance to wet a line during the ice fishing season in Minneapolis. In regards to the upcoming hard water seasons, I bid you good luck and be sure to try and keep your line in the water. To all of you hearty souls willing to brave the elements ice fishing, I wish you a Merry Christmas with plenty of fresh fish.