Friday, September 5, 2014

Pictures from around my place this afternoon

Trees are starting to change color, and can feel fall in the north wind.  Here are some pics. of the sauna, which gets alot of use during the colder months, and some of the firewood I sell, and put up to heat the garage and sauna:
Load of slab red oak on the trailer I built to haul it from the mill.  Weighs a ton!
This trailer makes it really easy to process the slabwood, as I just marked the 16-18 inch cutting lines, and cut the wood on the trailer at my own pace.  Used to haul it in a truck, but cutting it cause some problems, including a new pickup bed liner.

I cut on the trailer, and after I get tired of cutting, I start to pile and stack the wood. It stacks pretty well, and I built some racks out of our old cedar decking, so we can stack the wood up off the ground, and when I cut up a few more cords, I will cover them with some old tin roofing.
This is a picture of one of the racks I build, and the wood bundler. Some of the wood gets bundled and sold bait shops, but most I give away to family, or use it around our place.
Here is some pics. of the chicken, and the sauna it like to nest up on.
Ready or not, fall is on its way.
Bantam Hen coming to look the situation over.  She is a nice hen, but has yet to lay eggs. Hope you enjoyed the photos!~