Friday, September 5, 2014

Beer and barley health research study produces new findings. Good news from Finland

I subscribe to good news finland, and like the articles.  Here is a great article from the following link:

Beer and barley for health research new results

© MIKKO STIG / LEHTIKUVAResearchers are investigating a beer and barley health effects.Researchers are investigating a beer and barley health effects.
The Finnish study using barley and beer has been successful in identifying new forms of phenolic compounds. The results open up opportunities for barley and the beer produced in health research. 

According to the study of barley defense chemicals, ie hordatiinien precursors and chemical diversity is much broader than previously known. MTT Agrifood Research (MTT) researcher Juha-Matti Pihlava says that hordatiini compounds found in abundance not only of barley grain, including beers, which have been used barley malt.

In the past, a Japanese research team has discovered that beer BY hordatiineilla have physiological effects. They increase intestinal motility by binding to specific receptors on smooth, non-underground will, in the muscles. 

- Hordatiinien and their precursors, the potential health effects still need more information.However, now this information could be used to develop new functional barley products, the Pihlava points out.

Pihlavan article on the subject was published in the scientific Journal of Cereal Science Guide . For more coming autumn a new, broader study to report the total number of hordatiinien nearly 200 different beers. There's also domestic beers beers from around the world.