Friday, January 16, 2015

Florida Police have Four in Custoday After Manhunt

According the the following article at, four fugitives in Florida committed a series of horrible crimes and the manhunt for them ended after suspects were taken into custody in Haines City a small city in east central Florida. The four individuals started their crime spree by robbing a pawn shop on Thursday night and when police responded to the robbery the suspects shot at them from their red SUV get away vehicle and narrowly missed a canine officer in the squad cars back seat. About an hour after the robbery at the pawn shop the police responded to a home invasion call and the suspects charged out of the garage and police were able to shoot one of the suspects but the other three escaped.  When police went into the home they found that an innocent mother and daughter had been brutally murdered by the suspects.

Police en apprehended the suspects in Haines City, Friday morning.

All four men have been charged with multiple counts, including armed robbery, attempted murder on a law enforcement officer and grand theft. They were treated for non-life threatening injuries and will be held at the Polk County Jail.