Saturday, January 3, 2015

Pictures of rustic birdhouses made from mill slabs of wood

I am a big fan of waste wood utilization.  I really like the way these birdhouses look and the way slabwood was used in their construction.   Slabwood can be obtained for pretty cheap in this part of Minnesota. Many of the sawmills around Brainerd sell this stuff for around thirty bucks a ton. Sometimes the oak and other hardwoods will be a little bit more expensive and sell for forty to forty five dollars per ton. The challenging part of getting slabwood is finding something to haul it with.  For this reason I purchased a trailer chassis from Fleet Farm for $399 on sale.  The trailer is rated to haul one ton, which is a large enough weight rating to haul this type of wood depending upon how wet it is and how long it has been drying out in the wood yard.

Check out the pictures of some of the creative birdhouse designs made from waste slabs of pine and birch: